5 Star Reviews

What an amazing book! This would be a good book for that required summer reading that schools seem to ask the kids to do. A teenage girl makes a bad decision and finds it snowballing. Brianca starts by thinking that her parents don't care about her and starts disrespecting her family. That leads to her running away from cheerleading camp. Each time she thinks she finds an escape from one bad decision, she finds that the "glittery" answer is not always gold. Each time she thinks she has found real love or someone who really cares about her, she finds that she has not taken the time to really know the person- and that can have extreme consequences. The whole time God is trying to call her back and she just refuses to listen. In the end, she finds out about real love and how to find it- or rather wait for it. This book reads like someone's actual testimony. I was given a beta copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. ~D. Austin

This book was an awesome read for me, even though there were some awful things that happened to the main character. As I read, I cried, cringed, laughed & rejoiced. I am glad that the final result was a happy ending, but there are plenty of bad & sad things that happen in the course of the book. This book, to me, is an awesome testimony to the power of God's love & forgiveness (no matter what you've been through - or where you are coming from). I plan on buying the final published copy, and I believe most women would enjoy reading this book. ~Book lover

This is probaby the best insirational/adventure novel I have read in a very long time. Pam is right up there with Terri Blackstock and Francine Rivers in writing Christian fiction. But this novel is more than fiction. It has so much reality that many of us have dealt with or are dealing with that it is a story that could be written about anyone we know. It is all about family relationships, making bad choices and turning our backs on God while He never turns His back on us. It is about trying to solve our own problems without God's help and looking for love in all the wrong places. If you only read one bok this year, make it this one. ~Sandra F. Long

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