Friday, March 28, 2014

On A Writing Sabbatical

     I should probably go on a writing sabbatical more often. I have gotten so much writing completed on this book in the past two and a half days then I have in the past month or so. During this time, I stayed offline mostly. I did peek in to check email and answer any messages left for me on facebook, but then I immediately logged off and stayed off. I've done nothing but work on this book for hours on end. I am happy to say that I have written 27, 369 words of the story and I am still working on the book.
     I believe that there will probably be only ten more chapters or so and then it will be finished. It has turned out to be a lot better than I thought that it would. Writing has become a lot easier now that I have gotten passed my main character's extremely bad patch in life. I believe that the words are going to fly off my fingers now as I bring it to a glorious close. I am excited to see how everyone will react to this book. I know that it is completely different from anything that I have ever written.  But I felt that it was a necessary topic to speak on. I look forward to reading your reviews when the book becomes available.

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