Wednesday, July 8, 2015

What Great Reviews!

An Interesting, Thought Provoking, Educational Book!!! 
5 star review

"This book follows Bri and her choices, and the consequences of those choices. It's riveting, sad, spiritual, and happy. This is a great book of inspiration to any older teen who may be struggling to find her way through high school or college. This is the start of her heart breaking adventure. A Valley Experience by Pam Funke is an interesting, thought provoking, educational book." ~ Colleen
A Valley Experience
4 star review
"Very good book especially for teenagers. Tells of the perils of going off on your own without clear guidance and listening to the small inner voice that tells you to go another way. I would whole heartedly recommend this book." ~ Amazon customer

Excellent teenager novel 
5 star review

"Very entertaining. A young girl who is raised by religious parents and has to find her ways, growing up. Another excellent book by Pam Funke, especially for most teenagers who face similar issues growing up and finding their place in this world." ~ Michael

Great read!! 
 5 star review

"What a wonderful book! This book follows the life of a young girl stuck between following the way she was raised (to be faithful to the Lord and abstain from sin) and the way of the "popular" crowd. Sucked in to the sin she finds herself in some really bad situations and then has to find a way out. This is a great book of inspiration to any older teen who may be struggling to find her way through high school or college. A great reminder that there is a reason God calls those things sin and why He wants to see all His followers stay away from them. Ms. Funke is a great Christian author and this book is no exception. Pulling on heartstrings and tying in important morals this book is a great read!" ~ Nicole

Couldn't Put It Down...Page Turner!
4 star review

"I found the book a stay up late, can't put it down, page turning style of book. However, with that being said I found parts of it hard to get though because of its subject matter and yet it is all around us. This book deals with family dysfunction, low self worth, RAPE, being sold into the sexual slave trade and therefore prostitution, bullying, and spousal abuse. It starts out as a young 17 year old going off to cheerleading camp with her best friend and there she is bullied and runs away. This book does have a happy ending where she finds her way back to God and finds happiness along the way. This book is not for everyone but could be a good parent child discussion starter HOWEVER a parent should read it first. Not really for anyone under 16 or 17. At least that would be my recommendation. I received this book free from the author for my honest review." ~ Nana698

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